Brian Murphy and Suzanne Murphy, co- founders of BalletFit Body Video (BFB) and Pilates by Murphys (PM), wants to send you a warm welcome to the new site.  We understand you have a lot of fitness options, we thank you for choosing us, we want to continue to bring you high quality fitness videos.

BFB and PM  fitness programs is proud to have talented and knowledgeable instructors on their staff.  that bring their unique styles of teaching, but with one common theme:   To provide quality instruction in a inspiration and educational experience. With access to yoga, pilates, weight training, kettlebell, tap, ballet and much more, you will get a great fitness variety and see quick reults!


Can you relate to the below scenerios?

  • Are you a runner who wants to "up" there game in a marathon?
  • Are you a professional dancer who wants to extend your career by ten years?
  • Are you looking to add some variety to your routines, but don't have time?
  • Are you looking to workout without being injured?


BalletFit Body and our team of higly qualified fitness instructor have solutions for you. Below is the beginning of your new path to your FITNESS NEEDS and SOLUTIONS with Balletfit Body here to guide you the way.

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