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BalletFit Body Disc Program

  Are you a dancer or studio owner who wants to have a program designed for dancers, made and created by a professional dancer? A program that will enhance your turnout, awareness of your body and help prevent long term injuries? Brian Murphy, professional dancer of 30 years, understands the work it takes to become a reliable, efficient, and high level dancer. He also understands how to stay injury free. 

Join Brian Murphy, live on FACEBOOK, for your weekly video!  



You will see in this video how you can use music to move on the disc.  The importance of having an awareness of the core, and the mind body connection, is essential to a well rounded dancer, and in the long run, will help prevent injuries.



Exercise More Muscles with a Wobble Board

Originally developed to help skiing and surfing enthusiasts improve their skills at home, the balance or Wobble Board has become a popular piece of equipment used for athletic training, brain development, physiotherapy and even musical therapy. Because Wobble Boards provide full rotation around a vertical axis, they exercise muscles that are not typically used while standing on boards that only tilt in 2 (opposite) directions. This Wobble Board is designed with a durable, non-skid plastic board on top of a spherical base, allowing for a complete range of motion.

Cost:  $30

For group rates of 20 or more, please contact BalletFit Body at


Boards by Bulk



Extra Large Wobble Board Ideal for Wide Stance Functional Training

Ideal for both beginners and advanced wobble board users, the extra-large surface (19.5” x 27”) of the FitBALL Deluxe Balance Board provides plenty of room for wide stance workouts. Made of commercial grade plastic, this wobble board is designed for high-use fitness and rehab facilities, as well as in-home use. The Balance Board will challenge your muscles as you try to keep the multidirectional base stable during your workout. It helps build core strength and improve balance. This Deluxe Balance Board also features 6 slots around the edge that allow you to secure tubing for improved resistance stability.

Cost:  $40

For group rates of 20 or more, please contact BalletFit Body at